Exhibition Booth Design for a Small Footprint

The trade show is the singular best venue to find new customers. It is also an excellent opportunity to rub shoulders with competitors and size up what they are doing. However, not everyone can afford the enormous peninsular design with a staff that eclipses the number of people in your circle of friends. That said, with the right exhibition booth design for a small footprint, you can put your best foot forward and give the big guys a run for the money.

Exhibition Booth Design for a Small Footprint

Plan the Floor Design

Even if you go small, expert CAD floor plan design is a must. Some would argue that it is even more critical when you have a small trade show footprint. Because you want to leave the booth as open and accessible as possible, every angle matters.

Theme Design Creates Eye Candy

A large peninsula booth attracts attention because of its size. When you are grouped with the smaller venues, you have to stand out. A well-planned and executed theme is, therefore, a necessity. What supports the theme? Easy!

  • Carpeting. How many exhibitors forget this simple fact? And yet, it is a perfect way of tying together a themed presentation that is heavy on shapes and colors. Do not make the same mistake.
  • Signage and graphics. Hanging banners are among the most often overlooked signs in a trade show presentation. Nothing works better at advertising your presence to customers near and far. Other signs and graphics include banners and sales collateral.
  • Tables, chairs, and accessories. Customized throws, the right accessories for the booth’s theme, and chairs round out the products you bring.

Contemporary Booth Equipment Means You Are a Serious Contender

This is not the time to skimp. Rather, you need a contemporary setup that shows you have a firm finger on the pulse of today’s customer demographic. Display rentals make it possible to save some money. If you want to invest in custom display construction, work with experts in the field who not only have the know-how to put together the product but also the expertise to deliver it.

Superior Expo Services provides the exhibition booth design that gets you noticed, even when you stick with a smaller footprint this time around. Contact us today for more information.

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