Superior Expo Services (SES) offers a range of services and tasks involved in planning, organizing, and executing exhibitions or trade shows. Our professional team will assist organizations, businesses, or individuals in showcasing their products, services, or artworks in a dedicated exhibition space. 

The primary responsibilities of Exhibition Services include: 

  • Exhibition Planning and Design 
  • Logistics and Operations 
  • Exhibit Construction and Fabrication 
  • Project Management 
  • Shipping and Transportation 
  • Rental Services 
  • Labor and Staffing 
  • Storage and Warehousing 

We work closely with event organizers, trade show managers, museum curators, or corporate clients to ensure the successful execution of exhibitions, trade shows, and other temporary display events. 

Exhibition and Trade Show Services by Superior Expo Services

Product Provided:

  • Pipe & Drape Booth Packages 
  • Entrance Units
  • Registration Units
  • Tables, Chairs, & Accessories
  • CAD Floor Plan Design
  • Theme Design
  • Booth Equipment & Rental Furniture
  • Carpeting
  • Installation and Dismantle Labor
  • Display Rental
  • Custom Display Construction
  • Signage and Graphics
  • Material Handling & Drayage
  • Shipping & Transportation
  • Exhibitor Services
  • Online Exhibitor Ordering
  • Exhibitor Service Manuals