Trade show booth design: All about you or the visitor?

trade show booth design is it all about you or the visitor

Trade shows and trade show booth design is always evolving and changing. Finding ways to make your booth stand out amongst your competitors and reach your audience is something you should always be focused on. Paying attention to what worked at previous shows, keeping in mind what your goals are for future shows and what’s trending are all key factors. When it comes to trade show booth design, is it all about you, or the visitor? 

Focus on value to the visitor 

One of the most important things to keep in mind when it comes to booth design, is how people consume information today. What “moves” or “inspires” them to want to follow and connect further with your brand. 

We are bombarded with information. Emails, text messages, commercials, billboards, etc. As a consumer, it can be exhausting and overwhelming to sort through all the minutiae. As a brand, it’s harder now than ever to cut through the minutiae and stand out. That’s why it’s more important than ever to provide messaging and a trade show experience that gets to the core of what your consumers need and are looking for. 

Having a booth that is super flashy and is all about YOU can actually take away from their ability to connect with your brand. They may remember that cool flashy display you had, but did they take away what you bring to them

Meet them where they’re at 

Building on what we mention above, understanding where you’re visitors are at in their buyer’s journey is SO important. You must have elements in your booth that allow for people just getting started with their problem solving, such as clearly defining the problems that your company solves.  You can also have more in depth information for those that are starting to consider solutions for their problem such as demos, product comparisons and more. And then of course you should be prepared for those who are nearing a decision or ready to take a step towards it such as being ready to set appointments, offer case studies, testimonials, etc. 

Make them comfy

Take comfort into consideration when it comes to booth design. Think about your visitors and the fact that they’ll be walking all day, carrying their bags, phones, etc. with them. Have a seating area in your booth, charging stations, snacks, water, coffee, etc. Give them a place to stop and hang out a bit. 

This will help them defrag from the busyness of the day and get into a more relaxed state, which will bode well for any conversations that open up while they are there. 

Re-think your booth design 

Take a look back at the shows you’ve attended as of late. What do you think worked about your booth design in terms of focusing on the visitor? Where do you think you could dial down the “all about you” and turn up the others-focused value? With knowledge there is power, and with every show you can learn something.

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