5 Strategies to Help You Optimize Your Trade Show Display

Your ability to drive new customers to your booth at a trade show hinges in great part on your trade show display. And with exhibitor costs rising every year, it is imperative that you maximize your company’s presence by using an alluring trade show display. Below are five strategies to help you optimize the impact of your trade show display.

1) Ensure that your company logo can be easily viewed from a distance. 

This strategy is critical to promoting brand recognition at a trade show. In addition to stimulating curiosity among new clients, your logo will remind existing customers to stop by your booth for a visit.

2) Incorporate seating into your tradeshow display.

Anyone who has ever attended a trade show knows how exhausting it can be to spend the day walking through an exhibit hall. Exhibitors who incorporate seating into their displays will gain a competitive edge through their ability to attract tired customers with the allure of a comfortable seat.

3) Inspect your display prior to use to ensure that it is clean and wrinkle free. 

When trade show displays are used repeatedly, they can accumulate dirt and begin to show their wear and tear. Cloth displays can become wrinkled and faded without proper cleaning and care. It is important to carefully inspect your trade show displays prior to use to avoid these pitfalls.

4) If you display products, place the larger items toward the back of smaller ones. 

Exhibiting your products at a trade show is an effective way to introduce customers to your new product lines. However, it is important to place these items strategically in your booth to allow visitors to view all of the items that you have in your booth.

5) Entice customers with beverages, small giveaways or other treats.

All too frequently, the most popular trade show exhibitors are those who give visitors free drinks, candy, trinkets or other giveaways. When these items include your company logo, they can be an effective adjunct to your trade show display.

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