3 Ways to Take Trade Show Exhibit Signage to the Next Level

The panorama of a modern-day trade show is nothing short of an eye-popping visual feast. A spectrum of colors, interactive booth displays, and products in motion contribute to a dynamic whole. And yet, when you get up close, booth branding can still seem all too familiar and predictable, particularly when it comes to exhibit signage. The days of pop-up banners, huge hanging displays, and static logos plastered everywhere remain. While these are tried-and-true trade show staples, here are three ways to take exhibit signage to the next level.

3 Ways to Take Trade Show Exhibit Signage to the Next Level

Go Digital

Put branding in motion with digital frames and LED TVs to bring booth visual engagement into the modern age. Integrate dynamic video with real-time, customizable content to not only attract but also retain that precious foot traffic.

Soften Up

The latest in signage trends might seem like a minor shift, but printing on soft fabric and malleable textiles instead of vinyl or other default materials can provide a laundry list of advantages. From shorter print runs to a lighter weight to compact transport, fabric-based exhibit signage may quickly become the trade show standard. Beyond the pragmatic differences, the real game-changer is adding another layer of appeal that can make nearby booths lackluster by comparison.

Take It Down a Notch

Less is more, right? After generations of trade show one-uppers added more and more signage, displays, and structures to their booths, it seems that trend is finally on the ebb. Cutting-edge exhibitors lean toward cleaner, more deconstructed booth designs, and that means less but more effective signage. This also results in fewer shapes and curves, so straight lines and crisp edges win the day.

As trends shift and exhibitors adapt to the whims and attention spans of show attendees, exhibit signage will live on the leading edge of trade show evolution. 21st-century trade shows, as they continue to adapt on both a micro and macro level, will remain primary drivers in B2B commerce and consumer awareness.

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