Tradeshow Do’s and Don’ts: Etiquette for Exhibitors and Attendees

Tradeshows buzz with energy, opportunity, and…potential social faux pas. Navigating the bustling aisles and packed booths requires a certain level of etiquette, ensuring a smooth and positive experience for everyone involved. Whether you’re showcasing your brand as an exhibitor or seeking valuable information as an attendee, knowing the do’s and don’ts can make all the difference.

Tradeshow Do's and Don'ts: Etiquette for Exhibitors and Attendees

Exhibitors: Shine Bright with Courtesy:


  • Be welcoming and approachable: Stand at the forefront of your booth, smile, and make eye contact with visitors.
  • Engage visitors in conversation: Ask open-ended questions, actively listen, and tailor your pitch to their needs.
  • Respect visitor time: Be mindful of their schedule, deliver concise presentations, and avoid high-pressure tactics.
  • Offer valuable resources: Have brochures, product samples, and business cards readily available.
  • Maintain a clean and organized booth: Create a professional first impression with a clutter-free and inviting space.
  • Show respect for fellow exhibitors: Avoid loud music, disruptive promotions, or blocking neighboring booths.


  • Stand behind your booth or appear disinterested: Give off an approachable vibe and actively invite engagement.
  • Deliver generic sales pitches: Personalize your approach and address each visitor’s specific interests.
  • Monopolize visitors’ time: Be respectful of their schedules and allow them to browse freely if desired.
  • Engage in aggressive sales tactics: Focus on building relationships and providing value, not pressuring immediate sales.
  • Neglect booth cleanliness: Project professionalism with a tidy and visually appealing presentation.
  • Disrupt neighboring booths: Maintain a respectful environment and avoid interfering with others’ business.

Attendees: Reap the Rewards with Respect:


  • Be prepared: Research exhibitors beforehand and have specific questions ready to ask.
  • Respect booth space: Don’t crowd tables or handle products without permission.
  • Engage in meaningful conversations: Ask insightful questions and show genuine interest in the exhibitor’s offerings.
  • Collect information strategically: Only take brochures and promotional materials you genuinely need.
  • Thank exhibitors for their time: A simple expression of appreciation goes a long way.
  • Be mindful of noise levels: Maintain a professional volume and avoid disrupting neighboring conversations.


  • Wander aimlessly: Have a plan and use your time efficiently to visit relevant booths.
  • Treat booths as self-service areas: Ask permission before handling products or displays.
  • Engage in superficial conversations: Show genuine interest and avoid wasting exhibitors’ time with irrelevant questions.
  • Hoard brochures and samples: Take only what you need and avoid depleting supplies for others.
  • Ignore exhibitors: Acknowledge their presence with a smile or nod, even if you’re not interested in their products.
  • Be loud and disruptive: Respect the professional environment and maintain a conversational volume.

Superior Expo Services: Your Partner in Tradeshow Success:

At Superior Expo Services, we believe etiquette is key to a positive and productive tradeshow experience. We offer a range of services to help exhibitors create professional and engaging booths while providing attendees with valuable resources and information.

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