Qualities to Look Out for in Pipe and Drape Display Packages

Are you looking for top-notch trade show boothsSuperior Expo Services ensure that all your specifications are met for booth packages by incorporating all you need for a spectacular and meaningful exhibition booth. Our experts make it unique and straightforward to get what you need through fast, easy, and affordable products.

Although trade shows are usually the typical venue for drape and pipe set-up, our products are versatile with more than fifty colors that provide you with a range of alternatives to choose from, depending on your company’s theme. By choosing SES for your pipe and drape needs, you are assured of the following:


Our fabrics come in various colors and styles, from velvets and stains to black masking drapery and dramatic metallic. Aside from materials, we offer easily adjustable and modular pipes for backdrops and displays of different widths and heights.


Our trade show kits are incredibly effective and an easy solution to organizing and making a dynamic impression on your event space. When putting up a pipe and drape display, you want it to be easy to set up and disassemble, which you get with our products.


Portability is a crucial factor when it comes to moving your booth from one point to the next. We offer a lightweight drape and pipe to ensure ease in carrying or shipping from storage to the event. Unlike other displays, we aim to help you reduce the drayage costs.


Depending on your specifications, we offer pipe and drape displays that are private and intimate as you go about your business. This can easily be achieved by dividing the booth to allow different activities to take place without distractions.

Look no further for the perfect display solution that is guaranteed to make your event memorable and fabulous. Talk to us, and let us help you meet your pipe and drape needs.

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