Is a Portable Exhibit the Right Choice for Your Next Trade Show?

Portable exhibits are a quick and easy way to showcase your company, non-profit, or small business at a trade show – making them a popular choice among entrepreneurs and large brands alike. Compared to modular exhibits, portable exhibits are generally lighter, easier to assemble, and take up less space in storage and transportation.

Choosing the right type of trade show exhibit isn’t a simple decision, but understanding what portable exhibits are and their benefits can make the process easier.

Is a Portable Exhibit the Right Choice for Your Next Trade Show?

What is a Portable Exhibit?

“Portable exhibit” is an umbrella term that can describe a range of trade show displays. These include banner stands, collapsible displays, or even table displays. Modular exhibits, on the other hand, utilize similar elements as building blocks, but when combined, create exhibits that can feel more permanent and customized. Thus, selecting the right exhibit type will depend on your marketing goals, budget, and needs.

Portable Exhibit Setup

If you’re looking for an exhibit that’s easy to set up regardless of experience or technical know-how, a portable exhibit may be your best option. In fact, these exhibits are sometimes called “pop-up exhibits” because they are very simple to assemble. This means you’ll need fewer people to set up the exhibit and assist during “tear down.”

Transporting Portable Exhibits

It’s not secret that portable exhibits are easy to transport. Not only are they space efficient, but are generally less heavy than more permanent displays like desks or media centers. A typical portable backwall display can collapse into just a few cases and be moved from locations with ease. While modular exhibits can also be moved with relative ease, portable exhibits are engineered to be even more convenient and compact.

Ideal for Smaller Marketing Budgets

While portable exhibits may be the most lightweight option compared to other exhibit types, it’s important to note that brands and businesses can still give their audience a high-impact and memorable experience. What’s more, the simplicity of portable exhibits means you can showcase your branded materials on a smaller, more efficient marketing budget.

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