5 Ways to Land Those Leads Post Tradeshow

Tradeshows pop up everywhere in springtime and while they can blossom the start of many happy client/business relationships, they can also be tricky to navigate after the tradeshow is finished. From standing out to common snafus, here’s what to do (and not to do) post-tradeshow. 

5 Ways to Land Those Leads Post Tradeshow

Don’t be just another cold call. Send a calculated email instead.

You may be thinking, “But we had such a great vibe going! I’m sure he will be happy to take my call.” Regardless of how much you and your hopeful hit it off, keep in mind that, after a tradeshow, they will receive, on average, 50 to 100 calls from inside sales teams. Thus, it is in your best interest to not join in as one of those annoying follow-up callers.  You can do this by writing a smart email that sounds something like this…

“Hi Bob,

This is (your name) with (your company’s name.) Thanks again for dropping by to see us at (trade show name.) We’re the guys who can help (type of industry Bob is in, followed by what you can offer.)”

This opening line tells who you are and what you do straight off the bat, reminding Bob who you are… without making you just another call.

Avoid creating a false rapport.

Creating a false rapport by mentioning an experience at a tradeshow can come off unauthentic. Unless you shared an actual experience with the person you are contacting, this opener isn’t going to get you far. Besides, people are very busy at shows and there is already a good chance that they will have missed the event you are trying to remind them of. Do yourself a favor – skip the faux connection.

Utilize ALL leads and team members through the power of LinkedIn.

Every team member at your tradeshow may not be decision makers, but they can still help your team to get a foot in the door with clients. All employees who have accounts should connect on LinkedIn with the leads that they met personally. This helps you to double the area that you cover at a trade show, taking the pressure off key members who may have their hands full.

Embed a photo of your booth into your email.

It is less likely for a lead to remember a person from your company than they are to remember your booth – especially when tradeshow displays are memorable. Embed a photo of your booth in full swing to remind a prospect who you are and why they loved you.

 Have a plan for nurturing leads long after your initial email.

Expecting to gain a new client by adding a prospect to your newsletter isn’t going to be enough. At the very least, you will want to send out personalized emails that are suited to the products or services that a lead is interested in, too. Additionally, some companies find that 2 to 3 emails in the first week after a tradeshow is the magic number for initial correspondence. In a nutshell, don’t follow-up and then drop off the face of the planet.

Some of the most profitable client/business relationships can bloom at tradeshows. The secret to landing these connections is to know how to follow-up… and even more importantly how not to. For more information on how to update your trade show booth, please contact us.


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