Exhibition Booth Design Experts Weigh in on Display Setups

There are countless tricks of the trade our exhibition booth design experts employ to make your setup look like a million bucks. Some are obvious. Case in point is the suggestion not to block the entrance to your booth with a long table. Failure to heed this admonition results in prospective customers who get swept along with the flow of the foot traffic rather than stopping. But what else do these experts know?

Exhibition Booth Design Experts Weigh in on Display Setups

Pick Your Display Spot with Care

Foot traffic is heaviest near the entrance of the hall and at the intersections of connecting aisles. A well-designed booth easily capitalizes on a large number of passersby. However, be prepared for the sticker shock. Trade show organizers know that these prime spots are coveted and will ask for a higher space rent. If it turns out that they have priced you right out of the competition, do not worry. You can still get plenty of visitors with a booth elsewhere as long as it features eye candy in its setup.

Go Tall and Bold

Eye candy in the form of graphics is a great way of attracting attention. By displaying your posters or other displays above eye height, you encourage attendees from across the hall to come and visit. Bold colors always get attention. If you find yourself in the somewhat disadvantageous position of being near the food court, eye candy easily makes up for visitors who are distracted by growling stomachs. Creative design solutions allow you to incorporate columns into the display as well.

Talk to our exhibition booth design specialists to learn more about your options. Also, remember that our in-house graphic designer will help you put together a look that offers design and color consistency across multiple displays. Contact us today!

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