Engage More Visitors with the Latest Trends in Trade Show Booth Design

If your company has been going to trade shows with the same display for years, now is the time to revise your design. As more organizations refresh their boots with the latest ideas, your display may become lost in the crowd. To make your set up more appealing, consider the latest trends in trade show booth design, which uses both the latest technology and acknowledges the humanity of visitors.

Engage More Visitors with the Latest Trends in Trade Show Booth Design

Engaging Technology

Current trade show display technology goes beyond simply attracting the attention of guests and making them look. The current trend is to use technology to draw them in and engage them in a positive experience. Virtual reality allows visitors to imaging how your product or service would function as they use it. With interactive games, visitors are tempted to stay for a while and when they leave they remember how much fun they had.

Accommodating Human Needs

While technology may be exciting, too much of it will turn off your visitors and make them go numb to your message. Incorporate ways for your staff to interact with customers, such as holding live demonstrations. Lounges and rest areas have been a popular addition to trade show booths in recent years. A relaxing area with a spot for recharging electronic devices is a good way to invite people to stick around.

Appeal to the Senses

Immersive video walls are a big way to get people’s attention, but if that is not the approach best suited to your brand there are other sensory experiences you can incorporate. In a convention center full of smooth bright screens, a textured display really stands out. Many designers recommend selecting three textures and carrying them through your booth design. You may consider plush carpet, draped fabrics, and tile or wood walls. You can even involve scent if you wish.

If you are seeking to refresh your trade booth design but are unsure as to how to go about it, please contact us. We have over 30 years of experience and can help you design a booth that stands out at your next corporate event.

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