3 Things You Can Do with a Floating Sign at Your Next Trade Show

Appearances matter and that’s especially true at trade shows. How things look can change everything from how much visitors enjoy the experience to how well-directed movement is in the crowded space. Making sure your individual booth is well-prepared is important, so be sure to bring plenty of promotional samples, enough technology to keep your presentations and order sign-ups running smoothly, and experts who can charismatic-ally present your company to a flowing crowd. One of your most important tools could also be a floating sign. Here are three ways it can help make your booth a bigger hit:

3 Things You Can Do with a Floating Sign at Your Next Trade Show

1. A floating sign makes your booth look more modern.

Contemporary designs bring in more visitors. Even if your company doesn’t sell technology or software solutions, looking modern is to your company’s benefit. It implies that your business is familiar with modern marketing, automated infrastructure, and all of the other positive advances in the business world. That’s reassuring to both investors, who want to know that your company is scalable, and customers, who often see modernity as a good guarantee for fast service.

2. A floating sign divides up your both space without taking up space.

No matter how big your booth is, space is at a premium. Break it up into sections so you can control the flow of movement both in and around your both space. A suspended square over one corner of your booth indicates that that region is for featured presentations or services. If you can, have a floating primary sign that slightly extends over your booth’s actual dimensions. It makes you booth look bigger, so long as it doesn’t jostle other floating signs.

3. A floating sign increases visibility.

Having your company’s name on your tablecloth isn’t enough. With any luck, people will be crowding your booth, and that means no one will be able to read the sign. So hang a floating one overhead so there’s no risk of something blocking it from sight. A sign that’s suspended in the air also means more people can see it, and they can easily locate your booth without having to look at a map.

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