Corporate Event Planning Ideas To Make Productivity Soar

Corporate events are part of doing business for some of us, but they don’t have to be a drag, and they shouldn’t be. As a matter of fact, meetings and corporate events are more productive when participants become engaged, and the more “into you” they are, the more you will get out of them in proportion – it’s scientific. We’ll discuss corporate event planning ideas to Make Productivity Soar.

Corporate Event Planning Ideas To Make Productivity Soar

One great way to create engagement with your audience is through play. Yep, play, act like a child, be young at heart. Adults may not get a chance to really let loose and play very often, but they wish they could. Sounds great, right? But how can you add play to your events, especially if you want productivity and not a free for all? Use your imagination. Here are a few ideas to start with.

  • Start with free time and let participants socialize for a few moments to build rapport, or just catch up. It will de-stress everyone and add enjoyment to the gathering.
  • Feed them fun snacks like colorful cupcakes with plenty of sprinkles and don’t forget the fizzy drinks or juice. Water and coffee are for grown ups.
  • Use wall banners in bold fonts and colors to draw attention to meeting talking points. Remember your kindergarten classroom?
  • Plan fun interruptions to keep minds and bodies alert. Don’t just take a bathroom break, work in fun breaks every half hour or so and play games with your neighbors like Rock, Scissors, Paper or Telephone or Tell Your Neighbor a Joke.
  • Include time for participants to perform the main points of presentations on stage for everyone to see. It helps to reinforce your ideas and everyone has fun with impromptu singing and acting performances.

Try these childish corporate event planning tips and watch participation and engagement soar at your next event. Oh, and one added bonus, integrating fun techniques into your corporate event planning almost guarantees that everyone who can attend your next event, will attend with bells on.

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