3 Ways Carpeting Can Keep Your Expo on Track

It’s the small details that make or break an event. While carpeting might be the last thing you had in mind when you first started planning your expo, it can help make the space and your ideas come together. Here are three ways deliberately installed carpeting can help you and your attendees stay organized:

3 Ways Carpeting Can Keep Your Expo on Track

Color the main pathways with a distinct carpet.

Good expos allow for easy navigation. If your crowds have to deal with pushing and shoving, narrow pathways, and high-stress navigation, then they aren’t going to enjoy themselves. Even worse, they may stay in just a few local pockets of the event instead of spreading out. Make sure you have clearly identified pathways that break up the space and clear walking paths that aren’t for standing and loitering. Clearly marked ‘hallways’ through an open exposition space also help with accessibility. If you clearly mark where it is acceptable to stand and where it isn’t, then people will stay out of each others’ way.

Break up assigned booth space.

When third parties buy booth space for your event, they plan on using every inch of it. Some people will use more than the inches the paid for if they think they can get away with it. Make the boundaries very clear with alternating grids. Not only will neighboring booths stay civil, the paths between booths will stay more clear. This is essential for creating good traffic patterns and a well-run conference.

Identify themes through color for quick navigation.

Organization is essential, and that means building a lot of redundancies into your design. When attendees are looking for a specific booth or meeting space. Title them by specific labels and include the names of key individuals. But you can also label different sections with colored carpeting. Make everything of a certain theme red, a second theme white, and so on. Color is much easier to identify than text. So you can stop a bottleneck at the main entrance by passively directing traffic into the right sections.

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