Personalized Pipe and Drape

Event planning of any kind can be overwhelming, especially if you’re just getting started. What is the most essential component to an event? Almost every professional event uses pipe and drape whether it is a wedding, political campaign, graduation ceremony, convention, trade show, or special exhibit. Pipe and drape is the backbone to creating a distinguished space for those in attendance.

Personalized Pipe and Drape

What is Pipe and Drape?

Pipe and drape is a system of metal bases, vertical support structures, and horizontal rods that are covered with curtains or drapery.

Purpose of Pipe and Drape

Pipe and drape is typically used to create a functional division of space to provide a more intimate gathering area. For trade shows and conventions, it defines the space where your company can promote products and interact with attendees. It can also be used as a backdrop for corporate meetings, center stage speeches, or product demonstrations. Drapes can also partition a room to make it smaller, or can hide unsightly parts of the room that may detract from your event.

Benefits of Pipe and Drape

Pipe and Drape systems are portable, modular, and customizable to adjust to any size needed. It is an effective way to add elegance and create a refined, polished ambiance. The clean lines of the pipe and drape system convey a sense of professionalism to everyone who enters the room.

Heighten Intrigue With Style

On a more subtle level, pipe and drape helps to add drama, intrigue, and increase curiosity. The display can be styled to emphasize, draw attention, and promote interaction. Creating swoops in the fabric directs the eye to a focal point – like to showcase the launch of a new product. Layering drapes of different colors adds personality and can be customized to support brand recognition by using the colors of your company logo. The fullness of the fabric is also something to consider. A fuller drape can create a sense of warmth, intimacy, and aid with sound absorption. For larger spaces, a less full drape may be used in areas that are not the focal point of the event.

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