Exhibition Booth Design Tricks That Boost Audience Participation

It is essential for the exhibit attendee to interact with your brand. Doing so has the potential to guide buying behavior. However, many companies use antiquated booth design setups that effectively bar the visitor from feeling welcomed. That said, there are several tricks you can use to do the exact opposite.

Exhibition Booth Design Tricks That Boost Audience Participation

Work with a Booth Designer on Putting Together the Blueprint

The biggest mistake you will notice is the table that closes the front of the booth. It prevents the attendee from coming closer. By keeping the visitor at arm’s length, it is easy for the consumer to move on to the next display.

In contrast, an open booth design makes the most sense. It features custom carpeting and drapes that display your corporate colors. Besides that, there are plenty of tables, chairs, and similar accessories that transform the booth into a storefront. It invites the person to step closer. By the way, adding tables and chairs can lead to animated sales conversations with your staff members!

Boost Your Brand Presentation

There should be no question whom your booth represents. It starts with custom display construction that features drapes and carpeting in your tones. It continues with a theme design that is evident in all aspects of the booth and its accessories. Next, spend some time with a designer on the completion of your signage.

It highlights your theme design, ties in your brand message, and helps the consumer interact with your brand more effectively. For example, your signage could pose questions that the sales staff is prepared to answer. Similarly, your sales collateral and online accessibility of a customized web page can be excellent interactive options.

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