the importance of email marketing before a trade show

The Importance of Email Marketing Before The Trade Show

the importance of email marketing before a trade show

Did you know that 70% of show attendees plan a list of brands/booths to visit before even setting foot on the trade show floor?  It makes sense, right? Attendees want to make the most out of their time at the show and that can require some planning ahead. So, how does your company stand out and become one of those must-visit brands? With a well thought out email marketing strategy that you launch before the trade show. 

Trade Show Attendees Have Massive Buying Power 

Trade Show News Network reports that a whopping 81% of trade show attendees have buying authority, yet only 10-15% of exhibitors invest in pre-show marketing efforts. If your company wants to see a greater return on investment and increased leads from the shows you attend, then you’ve got to look at your pre-show marketing efforts. Email marketing can be a relatively easy and inexpensive way to make an impact. Here’s a few places to start:

Compile Your Lists

The best way to make an impact with email marketing is by compiling your lists. You can send an email to all of your contacts such as your customers, prospects, partners, etc. and let them know about the trade show you’re attending and how to find you. Even though it’s the trade show organizer’s job to ensure that there are attendees, it’s still up to you to ensure that you’ve got as many potential buyers there as well. Help build excitement over attendance and get them to come. 

Launch a Targeted Email Campaign 

Think about your lists and how you could even segment them further. Maybe there are prospects that you know attended last year’s show and visited your booth. You could send that list a different email than a prospect that’s never visited your booth, right? The key is to send them valuable information that lands for them and helps them get excited about seeing you at the show or going for the first time. 

You can track your open rates and clicks in most of today’s email marketing tools, and you can also include a way for people to set up appointments with you while at the show. #Boom The more you can do to generate appointments before the show, the more likely you are to create qualified leads and sales or whatever your conversion goals are for the show.

Check out our Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing Before The Show for email best practices, email workflow content ideas, and more! 

Add a Contest or Promotion During the Show and Promote it via Email

People lovvvve winning things. Run a contest or promotion during the show and market the heck out of it in your emails before the show. Make it fun and make it worth your contact’s time. Whether it’s a gift card, winning a prize or something else that you think your audience would get excited about, be sure to have fun with it and mention it almost every time you send an email. (link to before the show blog) 

The Bottom Line

You’ve got to stay in front of your contacts before a show in order to be seen at the show. The more effectively you do this, the better your odds are of setting appointments at the show, increasing your booth traffic and generating more qualified leads with better conversion rates. Download our latest guide for targeted workflow ideas and content you can get started with today. 

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