Can trade show organizers help reduce anxiety around show costs for exhibitors?

Can trade show organizers help reduce anxiety around show costs for exhibitors?

Can trade show organizers help reduce anxiety around show costs for exhibitors?

It is no small investment for exhibitors to make when it comes to participating in a trade show. The industry average shows that the total show investment is around $41,400 for a 10×10 space. Depending on how many shows they are participating in and how large a company, it’s a significant investment. The overwhelming nature of these costs, along with last minute or unexpected ones is a cause for further anxiety and stress in exhibitors. Is there anything trade show organizers can do to help reduce anxiety around show costs for exhibitors?

We’d like to think so. Here’s a few ways.

Provide Fee Education and Industry Averages  

Companies that exhibit often may already be aware of how show investment dollars break down, but what about new ones that are participating in your show for the first time? Or are new to exhibiting in general? Providing reference information exhibitors on how costs break down can help to take the mystery out of some of the expected expenses that lie ahead.

According to Exhibitor Magazine, this is how trade show budgets break down:

  • Space = 35%
  • Travel & Expenses = 14%
  • Show Services = 13%
  • Exhibit Design and Construction = 11%
  • Shipping = 10%
  • Graphic Design, Production and Promotion = 10%
  • Other = 7%

If you are working with a general services contractor, do you know where their labor rates are in comparison to the national average and/or for the metro area that you are in? If they are a bit higher, is it because they are stellar in service and support?

Get Those Show Manuals Approved and Out Early 

Efficient coordination with your show contractors to deliver the show manual as early as possible will help your exhibitors understand what’s ahead and help them continue to wrap their heads around costs. Some show organizers take a considerable amount of time to approve the manuals, and then they’re getting out late to exhibitors for their review.

This contributes to additional stress, especially if there are incentives to purchase services and equipment prior to the show in order to save money. So, do what you can to review and approve manuals and provide them to your exhibitors early. 

Hire General Contractors and Suppliers You Can Trust

This probably goes without saying, but we all know that there are businesses out there that don’t have their “hearts in the right place.” When it comes to the kind of stress associated with a show, you’ve got to do what you can to create trust and credibility with your exhibitors in an already crazy, chaotic and expensive environment.

Exhibitors already know that the last minute costs and the miscellaneous fees will make it into their expenses. But these are not things to “take advantage of.” Working with the right contractors and suppliers will ensure that they are running things with integrity and aren’t gouging you or your exhibitors.

Even if you’re already working with a general services contractor, we’d love the opportunity to get to know you and your goals, and see if we may be a fit down the road. Give us a call today.

Superior Expo Services is a leading family owned trade show general services contractor with over 25 successful years in the business. We know what it takes to ensure that you, your show, and your exhibitors are supported and set up for success. We pride ourselves on providing superior performance that rivals the big guys, yet never compromises our grassroots customer-centric approach to project management, personal service and attention to every detail. 


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