10 Trade Show Email Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

10 trade show email marketing do's and don'ts

When it comes to trade show email marketing, there’s lots of room to nail it and lots of room for epic fails. With more than 50 percent of U.S. respondents checking their email accounts more than 10 times a day, it is by far the preferred way for many consumers to receive updates from the brands they follow. This is why it’s so important to craft well thought out campaigns. Check out these 10 do’s and don’ts and see where you’re rocking it, or where your email marketing could use a tuneup. 

Email Marketing Do’s

Do: Personalize. 

Be sure you’re addressing your emails to an actual person. Use contact names when you have them, and if for some reason you don’t, use another option in lieu of the name like, “Hi there” or something similar. Also, be sure to send your emails from a human vs. from marketing@ or sales@ or info@. It appears much more personable, real and engaging when it’s from yourname@company.com 

Do: Send to targeted and clean lists.

More is not always better, and that’s true for your email marketing campaigns. Go through your lists often and be sure you’ve got them segmented by contact type. Take it a step further and see who’s been opening your emails and who hasn’t. Consider segmenting those who haven’t opened your emails for a period of time, get them on a separate list and create a re-engagement campaign for those people. 

Do: Define your goal for each email.

Have a defined goal and purpose for each email you send. Whether that’s to create awareness, give your contacts something to do or help them with, or give them an opportunity to buy. The more clear you are in the purpose and goal of your email, the better refined and direct your content will be. (map to buyer’s journey blog?) 

Do: Create engaging subject lines.

Don’t be afraid to get a little creative with your subject lines. Send something that your audience will dig; have it be funny if that’s your company’s style, and be sure that whatever your subject line is, that your email content matches it. No bait and switch ever created a solid relationship. Pssst…check out this awesome email subject line generator!

Do: Send quality content.

We could go on an on about the importance of creating valuable, meaningful content for your audience…but really, if you’re going to spend the time, energy and money to set up a trade show email marketing campaign, you better have some solid content for your subscribers. 

Want some help with content and workflow ideas? Check out this Guide to Email Marketing Before the Trade Show for suggestions on what to send your contacts.

Email Marketing Don’ts

Don’t: Send without testing first.

We know how busy we can all get and how reliant we have become on technology. But listen, no platform is perfect, and it’s important to send test messages to yourself or another member of your team to ensure that things are lookin’ good. Also, if your email marketing system allows for testing and rendering for different email platforms, all the better. You don’t want your email landing all wonky in someone’s inbox after all your hard work. 

Don’t: Send fluffy and/or jargony content.

What does fluffy mean in the world of marketing? It’s sending content that isn’t clear or direct. It’s words that are there to fill space vs. really get down to business. Using jargon or verbiage that’s either too high-level or granular depending on your audience can also be a big no no. Remember, think about who you’re sending your email to and what will resonate for THEM. 

Don’t: Forget to mention important trade show deets.

A well crafted trade show marketing email that you’re sending MUST include all the important details of your show. Whether you’re the trade show organizer or the exhibitor, don’t make any assumptions about your contact having pertinent info such as how to register, where the event will be held, dates, where to find you on the floor, etc. Help your people out and make it easy for them! 

Don’t: Forget about mobile optimization.

This seems like a no-brainer given how many of us use mobile phones for life these days. However, it’s important to ensure that you’re using a responsive design, one that will cover all screen sizes and types. Some data shows that when email senders do this, it can increase email clicks by 130%. (and we’ve all received an email that isn’t mobile responsive let’s be real – it’s super annoying, right?)

Don’t: Be afraid to A/B test subject lines.

This is where things can get fun. Try out different words and phrases and see which ones get opened more. Use emoji’s, personalization IN the subject line and see what your audience likes. You’ll get more data to help boost your open rates and to help guide you in creating content that resonates for your audience.

Now go rock those email marketing do’s! 

We hope this helps give your trade show email marketing a boost in the right direction. For more tips on how to nail your email marketing before the trade show, download our latest guide here

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