5 Types of Organizational Signage Your Next Show Needs

No matter how well organized your event is, there will always be attendees who get lost or accidentally take the scenic route. The best way to prepare for overwhelmed visitors or large crowds is to double down on directional signage. Here are five must-have displays you need for your next tradeshow:

5 Types of Organizational Signage Your Next Show Needs

1. Hanging display signs

Don’t let the ceiling of the main conference room go under-utilized. Hang displays that indicate key meeting areas, resources, and sections of the layout. These elevated signs can help visitors figure out where they are and where they’re going at a glance. Hanging a sign above information booths also lets people easily find help when they need it.

2. Floor signage

Think about the last time you got turned around in a megastore like IKEA. It’s easy to do, but it’s just as easy to reorient yourself with the arrows painted on the ground. Whenever the flooring allows for it, add floor signage to help control the route. This improves crowd control and stops bottlenecks in narrow aisles.

3. Frequent “You Are Here” maps

Even if your tradeshow printed easy-to-read maps, visitors may lose track of where they are on the map. Stand up occasional gatorboard maps that indicate where the visitors are standing so they can easily find their way to their next booth.

4. Aisle and row labeling

Keeping signage from being cluttered is just as important as having the signs in the first place. Save individual signs for informational booths, exits, and one or two key locations. Then organize the rows and aisles by hanging number signs from the ceiling in an orderly grid.

5. Hallway directional signs

If your tradeshow has taken over a whole floor or multiple floors in a building, you’ll need to direct people starting at the front doors. Use hallway signs to help people find the right floor and turn in the right direction.

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