4 Reasons to Choose Pipe and Drape for Your Next Trade Show

4 Reasons to Choose Pipe and Drape for Your Next Trade Show

It’s no secret that presentation can make or break deals, and convey credibility before you’ve even had the chance to vouch for your event venue. One surefire way to make a tradeshow stand out is to work with the best vendors. Here are 4 reasons to consider pipe and drape rental from Superior Expo Services today.

  1. We are full service. Need delivery and installation? We handle it all for you.
  2. We have sizes that range from 3′ to 16′ tall. Need a custom size? Contact us for our specialty sizes.
  3. Our drapes come in a wide range of colors. We have over 50 different colors to choose from!
  4. Superior Expo Services offers multiple fabric options, from our banjo weave design, to our premier and plush fabrics. All drapes are made with Inherently Flame Retardant (IFR) material.

Renting pipe and drape allows you to work smarter not harder. Instead of spending your time breaking down and hauling heavy displays, you can focus on managing the event.

Contact us today to discuss bringing your vision to life. With a variety of options to choose from, you’re sure to be satisfied with our pipe and drape products at your next trade show.

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