Exhibitor Owned Carpet vs Event Carpet Installation

It’s tempting to cut all the corners you can to trim your show services expenses. If you are considering trimming costs by shipping and installing your own carpet, you may be surprised to learn this may actually increase, not decrease cost.

Exhibitor Owned Carpet vs Event Carpet Installation

Exhibitor Owned Carpet: Know the Hidden Costs and Issues

In addition to hidden costs, there are hidden issues. Before making the decision to bring and install your own carpet consider the following:

  • Exhibitor owned carpeting involves shipping. At best, a rolled carpet is unwieldy. At worst, carpet (and padding if used) is heavy. This weight adds to your shipping costs.
  • Exhibitor owned carpet needs to meet fire code standards. If it does not it, you will be required to ‘rent’ carpet at the site. Figure the costs for shipping your carpet (inbound and outbound ) in addition to the cost for carpet rental.
  • Exhibitor owned carpet must be cut on site. Cutting pre-show is not recommended as the published floor plan may not include obstacles, such as fire closets and pillars. It’s not wise to assume you have the exact details beforehand. If your employees are doing the cutting and installation, this can be a monumental task depending on the size and configuration of the exhibit space.
  • Warning! Carpet must be cut and laid before the booth display is set up and after the electrical and plumbing lines are in place. If your employees are handling ‘cut and install’ this is a time critical issue and it must be carefully coordinated with Exposition Services.
  • Carpet installation must meet safety standards set by show management. This typically requires the taping of edges and seams, and placement of caution tape over areas where carpet is placed over electrical and plumbing lines. Additional costs may be incurred if show management directs Exposition Services to make corrections, at your expense.
  • Never assume your exhibitor owned carpet can be reused for another exhibition. If it is reusable, consider it will need to be cleaned and stored post-show.

Event Carpet Installation: Engage the Experts

Be tempted, but be savvy. A trade exposition is about selling your products and services, areas of your expertise. Event carpet installation is provided by experts at carpet laying and show regulations; it is a necessary cost that contributes to your booth impact. Contact us today for more information.

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