3 Basic Design Elements for Trade Show Displays

A lot of strategic choices go into any trade show display, but you can simplify the process by mastering some basic design elements. Here are 3 things to keep in mind.

3 Basic Design Elements for Trade Show Displays

Keep it Simple:

A simple and clean design makes your trade show display look more attractive and modern. Most of all, your message is more likely to be understood and remembered, especially when people are in a hurry and have so many exhibitors competing for their attention. Less is more when it comes to colors and fonts, and white space is your friend. One proven method is to plan your display and then go back and eliminate any elements that are not absolutely essential.

Use Icons:

Icons help your trade show display to stand out and convey information while using less text. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but an icon is easier to comprehend when someone is walking by quickly or looking across a big room. This is no time to be subtle. Choose icons that are easy to recognize and suitable for large scale designs. For something really special, consider adding animation.

Pay Attention to Alignment:

Just lining design elements up properly helps your brand to look more professional and credible. Remember that it’s all about perception rather than mathematics. You know how your car mirror reminds you that objects may be closer than they appear? What counts is how people react to your trade show display rather than the specific measurements so test it out in real life rather than thinking you have to stick to a rigid formula.

Trade shows require a significant investment of your time and money so you want to get it right. Contact us at Superior Expo Services. Let us be your partner for strategic event planning, production, design, decor, staging, and more.

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