Tradeshow Decorators, Knights in Shining Armor

Trade shows are where you expect visitors to kick the tires, scrutinize the product, and interrogate the sales staff. They are a path to immediate sales, as well as to an increase in qualified prospects and enhanced customer retention, both of which lead to post-show sales. Savvy exhibitors also know trade shows present a battlefield of competitors, all vying for the prize, new and repeat customer sales.

Tradeshow Decorators, Knights in Shining Armor

Selling a product or service in such a battlefield requires critical pre-planning:

  1. First, without exemplary products or services your Company would not have taken on the expense of a trade show, so appropriate steps are taken to assure their presence in the booth.
  2. Second, these products or services must be the focus of the exhibit booth, the visitors’ primary purpose for being in your booth space, so your sales staff will prepare in advance for interrogations as well as presentations.
  3. Third, visitors must actually visit your booth, so there will be pre-show advertising campaigns and other pre-show efforts by your sales and trade show staffs to will get the word out pre-show.

Unfortunately, the draw of your on-site booth presence is a pre-planning point that gets lost in the process. Your Company may have an outstanding exhibit, but does it present your products and services using the latest technology? Has your signage been updated? Will visitors assume no updates means no changes to products and services, and therefore no need for them to take precious time to stop and chat about what they already know?

Here’s where the ‘Knights in Shining Armor’ become important. It should be part of every Company’s battlefield plan that the Show Decorators are called in to review its plan of attack. Following their suggestions can be critical to getting visitors into your booth. Show Decorators:

  • Are skilled in developing presentation tactics that entice visitors to stop.
  • Know the flow of traffic through the show and how to make the most of your booth’s position.
  • Offer improvements to signage, product presentations and how to direct the flow of traffic in your booth.
  • Know the latest changes in exhibit technology that can be applied to update your exhibit.

Remember: Your company will be doing battle with competitors for show visitors. Enlisting the Show Decorators to evaluate your exhibit should be a permanent tactic in your pre-show planning. Let the Knights in Shining Armor strengthen your plan of attack. Contact us today.

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