Sprucing Up Your Corporate Event: Color, Seating and Lighting

A lot can depend on the outcome of corporate events, including small and large meetings with presentations and graphic design. If you’re meeting with a client or making a pitch, you want to make sure that this event goes without a hitch no matter where it takes place.

Sprucing Up Your Corporate Event: Color, Seating and Lighting

The Location of the Meeting

If it’s taking place in your offices, then you’re on home ground, and you have less to worry about. But if it takes place at a different location, then you have a short period of time to create the kind of ambience that you think will impress the client and get them to accept your proposal.

Corporate Spaces Are Often Dull

The space where you have your meeting needs to look professional but appealing at the same time. Sometimes, this can be a little difficult because corporate spaces often look professional but they lack warmth. Many offices might look a bit drab with their cubicles and fluorescent lights. Often, they’re also done up in very neutral colors such as browns and greys which create a dull look.

Adding a Touch of Color

Fortunately, corporate event planning can help you to brighten up the space where your meeting will take place. The idea is not to fill your corporate space with a plethora of bright colors but just to add a touch of color which will make it feel more homey and welcoming.

Using a Round/Oval Table

You can also make sure that you use a conference-style table so that everyone is sitting in a circle. This will make sure that everyone feels involved in what’s going on in the meeting. It’s also comfortable to take notes on this kind of table. Plus, you need to make sure that the chairs you’re using for this purpose are comfortable.

Getting the Lighting Right

A lot can be done with lighting. Diffuse lighting is usually best. This means using a number of dimmer lights rather than just a few bright lights. This will make sure that the room is bright without the light getting in your eyes. Also, it helps if there is some natural light in the room.

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