3 Tips to a Better Trade Show Display

When working the trade show floor, the name of the game is to get people to stop walking and start talking to you about your business.  Here are three tips to make your time in the booth more effective.

3 Tips to a Better Trade Show Display

Tip # 1 – Create A Unique Space 

When the show floor is crowded, it can feel rude or disruptive to stop and talk.  A prospective lead may feel that they are hindering the flow of traffic if they stop and chat with you.  By staging displays or literature on the sides and back of the booth, you create an area where a passerby can get out of the traffic flow and comfortably visit with you.  This has the added benefit of bringing them on to your “turf”.

Tip #2 – Find a “Conversation Starter” 

Find any way to start a conversation, even if it has nothing to do with your business (at first).  This might be as simple as a bowl of candy or a little more complicated, like registering for a giveaway.  Generic giveaway items are often best.  Find something that ANYONE would be glad to win.  Something like a home or car first aid might be the ticket.  Also consider the likely attendees at your show.  What interests are they likely to have?

Tip #3 – Take Care of YOU!

Trade shows are exhausting!  Make sure you have some basic creature comforts.  An anti-fatigue mat helps if you are standing for your show.  Keep a bottle of water and some light snacks handy.  If you are sitting, you may consider a chair upgrade. Take care of your back!

At Superior Expo Services we are committed to making your trade show experience a positive and productive one.  Contact us today and let us go to work for you.

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