3 Booth Design Tips For Keeping Your Traffic Flowing

Going to a trade show is can be overwhelming for some. You put on your best face, you have all the right lines, and you make sure there’s a little extra swagger in your step. You’re polished, poised, and ready to mingle. The problem is that everyone else is doing the same. So how do you get noticed when everyone is trying to speak with as many attendees as possible?

3 Booth Design Tips For Keeping Your Traffic Flowing

Well, you make sure your booth draws the eye and welcomes in traffic.

Booth Design Tips For Keeping Your Traffic Flowing

Tip #1: Keep It Open (And Spacious)

Nothing makes people less likely to step out of the aisle, and into your booth than cramming it too full. That means you need to think about how many people you have in the booth at a given time, and whether they’re allowed to bring anything (coats, bags, chairs, etc.). The more stuff your staff uses, the less room there is for customers and clients. Make your space inviting, and create a flow that makes it easy for people to see what you’re offering, without bumping into each other.

Tip #2: Make A Little Noise

No one wants to be that booth. You know, the one with the pounding bass, and the staff speaking into a megaphone. However, a trade show or a convention is just like the souks and open-air markets the world over. If you want someone to stop and see what you’re offering, you need to raise your voice. Don’t shout, don’t harangue, but talk to people as they pass. Offer a greeting, give them a compliment, or offer them a freebie. Whatever you do, it will slow them down. And once they slow down, they’ll feel compelled to stop and look.

Tip #3: Use Something Eye-Catching

A booth is pretty simple when you get down to brass tacks. It’s some fabric on a frame, and its purpose is to section off what is yours, and what is your neighbor’s. However, if you want people to stop and look, you need to make sure there’s something for the eye to settle on. A clashing color, a symbol, a design, or even a banner will draw the eye, and hold it for that moment you need to slow someones walking pace. Don’t make your booth too busy, because that can overwhelm a viewer, but make sure there’s something people want to stop and see.

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