What are Expo General Service Contractors?

Does the design of trade show displays sound like a daunting task? Have you been wondering who will handle the booth design and event carpet installation as well as other duties associated with your setup? These, among other tasks, are the jobs our expo general service contractors take on for clients on a routine basis. What are Expo General Service Contractors?

What are Expo General Service Contractors?

Floor Plan Coverage for Presentations

Whether you want a dramatic setup for a poster board presentation or need event designs from the ground up, our experts can help. Technicians ensure that booths look their best and present your brand to its fullest advantage. Behind the scenes, experts become your event partners for design, décor, and production of a floor-plan-appropriate setup. Taking advantage of this service quickly sets your business apart from those who are trying to go it alone.

Transporting, Installing, and Dismantling

You could pay a general contractor a handsome fee for setting up and dismantling your trade show setup. But because these professionals are rarely acquainted with the space-saving and weight-reducing technologies we use when putting together booths, pipes may be bent, lost, or broken. The same is not true when working with our expo general service contractors.

Not only do these pros handle the transportation to ensure that everything gets to the expo hall on time and in one piece, but they also set up, tear down, pack up, and return items to your target destination. This is the level of service that takes the stress out of your next trade show or expo appearance! Contact us today to learn more.

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