Exposition services are more crucial now than ever before

Trade shows of the year 2020 and beyond may never operate the same again. New health and liability concerns are causing corporate exhibitors to approach these shows with greater caution and that makes exposition services contractors even more valuable than ever before.

Exposition services are more crucial now than ever before

An exhibitor’s desire to limit employees’ exposure to illness will drive them to reduce set-up time, minimize staffing, and find creative ways to maintain social distancing during the show. A general services contractor like Superior Expo Services (SES) can help exhibiting companies satisfy these concerns. Hiring a show services contractor to set up and tear down the booth reduces actual on-location time required of the exhibitor’s employees and their expertise can lend ideas to make social distancing most effective in venues the service contractor is more familiar with.

Exhibitors are focusing their time and energy on lead generation and sales at the shows while leaving the time-consuming work of booth construction and tear down to general services contractors like SES. This is a safer and more efficient use of their own staffing during trade show participation. But it only works when they choose a proven, knowledgeable general exhibition services contractor. It takes a lot of trust to turn that over to a third party, so the contractor must be experienced and reputable.

Superior Expo Services is a full-service contractor to provide all the trade show services you need:

• Theme and booth design
• CAD drawing plans
• Pipe & drape and booth rentals
• Furniture rentals
• Complete install and dismantle labor
• Carpeting
• Signage and custom displays
• Shipping and transportation

Develop a plan with SES to identify how to minimize your employees’ time to make the event more cost-effective and safer for your staff. SES has worked with a full range of budgets and understands the importance of ROI for your event marketing, so they’re equipped to scale according to your needs.

Most planning can be done remotely, and details must be clearly understood by both exhibitor and contractor to ensure a successful trade show experience. SES has the experience to foresee possible issues and work out solutions with the exhibitor ahead of time so on-location installation goes smoothly.

Trade show exhibitors will be leaning more on exposition services contractors at events in the future. Secure your contract with Superior Expo Services now before it’s too late provide a safe and successful experience for your staff and customers at your next event.

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