3 Tips for Planning a Corporate Event

When planning a corporate event, you should take the time to think about what will make it successful. The many decisions that go into planning a successful event include agenda constraints, the right location, and menu selections. With that said, here are three tips to consider when planning a corporate event.

3 Tips for Planning a Corporate Event

Define the Goals of Your Event

Potential goals educate, celebrate, inform, introduce, or improve skills. The venue, budget, approach, and choice of content are determined by what you choose in your event planning. You can also align your goals and the company’s goals to improve the chances of selling your plan to your executives. You and your team can measure the event ROI to clarify a plan of action when you determine your goals.

Incorporate a Relevant, Fun Theme

Engage and excite your participants during the event by picking a fun theme. Involve them beforehand and get their ideas on ways they can be fully immersed in the theme. Themes can either provide a chance to amp up the excitement or make your cooperative event more cohesive. Ensure you pay attention to details when you are incorporating a theme. To improve your company’s image, carefully consider and execute a theme.

Engage the Participants in Immersive Activities

If you are planning to include immersive exercises at your event, consider experiential learning. In an experiential learning exercise, those participating are tasked with working as a team to tackle a fun, yet challenging “project;” the skills needed to complete the challenge are similar to the ones required to succeed at work. This will teach participants new skills, while at the same time allows them to practice what they have learned during exercise. Experiential learning is also a good fit for all types of learners, making it ideal for events put on for a diverse workforce.

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