Understated vs Overstated Trade Show Design in Dallas

Everyone wants to attract visitors to their booth at a trade show and many people go very over-the-top with their trade show design for this purpose. There are certain booths where you’re just overwhelmed with all the information coming at you in different directions.

Understated vs Overstated Trade Show Design in Dallas

From one direction, you might see video while, from another direction, you might hear audio. Additionally, you might also interact with the person sitting at the trade show booth who will show you how to use the product. This is a little too much “busyness” in a trade show booth, and it might be a better idea to make your booth design a little understated.

What Product Are You Displaying at the Booth?

A great deal depends on the type of product you are displaying at your trade show booth. There are certain products from which people expect a lot of visual and auditory stimulation. For example, if your product is a TV or a number of TVs, you might have to display all of them and go for overstated booth design.

However, if your product is a new kind of hypoallergenic pillow, then it might be a better idea to go with understated booth design because this is the kind of product with which people associate a sense of calm and peacefulness.

What Are Your Competitors Doing Around You?

Chances are your booth is going to be surrounded by other booths which are displaying products similar to yours. If they’re all going for an overstated type of look, then your booth might get hidden in the middle of so much visual and auditory stimulation. So you might want to do something similar to what they’re doing instead.

At the same time, there’s also something to be said for standing out from the crowd. So if your booth is the only oasis of calm in an otherwise overstimulating trade show, then that might work in your favor and you might find people gravitating towards it.

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