3 Reasons to Layer Your Pipe and Drape Display

Every detail about your trade show booth and expo can make a difference. If you’re using pipe and drape backdrops to divide an open conference space and make the space look more formal, add layers of drapery. Here are three reasons why:

1. You can use your company colors.

Pipe and drape displays are traditional expo and trade show decor, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick to outdated defaults. Don’t just create a black or white pipe and drape background so that your presenters have high contrast or you have a concealed place to store excess inventory. Layer your drapes with different colors for extra pizzazz. Use the colors most commonly associated with your brand to create more brand recognition.

If you’re designing the main stage for keynote speakers and large conference, use the layers to display your organization’s colors. Hosting expos can be chaotic and risky, so add implicit marketing and branding where you can.

2. Your expo footage will reach a wider audience than the number of actual attendees.

Trade shows aren’t just about the audience that shows up. It’s also about the audience who will watch videos of the talks, presentations, and individual booths. More and more people are watching trade shows from their laptops. Some conferences even sell virtual access to filmed content that won’t become available to a wider, general audience.

So make sure every potential shot of your booth and talks is framed just as descriptively as your other videos. Make your logo and your company name part of the stage where it can’t be cropped out. Put your pipe and drape layers to good use by using company colors or colors that are designed to look good on film.

3. Use the backdrop to focus attention.

Pipe and drape set-ups don’t just add a bit of mobile decor. They can be used to emphasize and draw attention. Hang soft lights between the layers. Organize the ruffles and drape points so the central swoop points at a central speaker while smaller swoops and designs still draw the eye towards products, other speakers, or interactive stations at your booth.

Whether you want a simple pipe and drape displays for a small trade show booth or a complex design for the main expo stage, we can get it done at Superior Expo Services. Contact us here to get started.

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