Cost Effective Trade Show Displays

If you’ve never set up a trade show display before and are looking to do so, there’re some very important things to remember. The most important of these things is to stay within a budget so that your display and booth are more cost-effective and less of a drain on your pocketbook. An easy way to do this is to hire a planner and consult with them often.

Cost Effective Trade Show Displays

Below are a few simple tricks to keep your trade show display within a specific budget:

  1. Renting a Display– It’s true, you could always buy yourself a booth and display. A lot of people would argue that it’s cheaper in the long run than renting, and that may just be true for those who have the ability to pay the cost upfront. Booths, however, are not cheap. Renting is the best option for those just starting out, as hopefully as your business grows, so does your display. You don’t want to be buying multiple booths, so you should rent until you reach the size you want and then consider jumping in and buying.
  2. Use a Small Booth–This goes hand-in-hand with renting a booth instead of buying. Start out small. Don’t spend money on a booth larger than what you need to begin your business. As your business grows, so can your booth.
  3. Advertise on Social Media– Social media is quickly turning into the most cost effective way to advertise your booth. Don’t spend money on printed fliers that may or may not just end up in the trash. Use the web and get the word out. Chances are it will spread even further than you thought it would.
  4. Plan Ahead– Plan for unexpected happenings. It’s always good to have a small contingency budget within your main budget. Always plan for something to go wrong. If you end up not needing to use that money, that just means you’ve come in under budget and saved that much more.

Setting up a display is fun and profitable if done correctly and kept within budget. If you’re interested in learning more about designing a trade show booth, feel free to contact us. We’d love to help!

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