4 Exhibit Booth Design Trends for 2017 and Beyond

Do you regularly attend trade shows? It’s important to keep up with the latest booth design trends. Here are some trends you should consider incorporating into your exhibits.

4 Exhibit Booth Design Trends for 2017 and Beyond

Digital Displays

Incorporate the digital world into your exhibits. You can bring along tablets or other touchscreen devices with preprogrammed displays. Make the displays interactive; let people play around, watch videos, click on various menu options, fill out surveys, etc. Another option is to use a projector to show a digital display, such as a slideshow, on the wall or on a whiteboard.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is the latest craze. Many businesses are starting to use it. They come especially handy during trade shows. Virtual reality will allow visitors to experience using a product or enable them to feel as if they’re in a certain place (this can be handy for home designers, for example).

Charging Lounge

You may have heard that putting out a few chairs, a coffee table, a few booklets, and refreshments will attract visitors. In 2017 and beyond, make sure to include a charging station where people can charge their phones and tablets. Include support for all kinds of devices, including PCs, smartphones, Apple and Samsung devices, etc. You can even install wireless charging ports.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence may not yet be the biggest craze at trade booths, but look out for it in the near future. AI can take a lot of the load off booth staff and employees. It can also engage with visitors and help them discover more about your business.

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