3 Booth Design Tips To Make Your Space Seem More Welcoming

When you’re at a trade show, an expo, or a convention, you need to use every trick in the book to get people to step out of the flow of traffic and to stop at your booth. That’s easier said than done. However, one of the best tricks of the trade is to make your booth feel as inviting as possible, so that it welcomes people to stop, and take a gander at what you are offering. If you want to open up your design, here are some simple ways to do that. 3 Booth Design Tips To Make Your Space Seem More Welcoming

3 Booth Design Tips To Make Your Space Seem More Welcoming

Tip #1: Get Rid of The Table

While this one isn’t always practical, depending on the event, it goes a long way toward opening up your booth. A table acts as a barrier, making you seem unapproachable. If you can get rid of the table, and invite people into your booth, then you’re interacting on a personal level. That’s much harder to walk away from.

Tip #2: Open A Clear Path

Whenever possible, you need to make a clear path into, and through, your booth. Not putting up walls, or making sure your merchandise is displayed in a particular pattern, can act like a spoiler on a car. It carves out people from the flow of traffic, and guides them into, and through your booth. Your job is to catch them while they’re separated, and to make an impression.

Tip #3: Interact

One of the best ways you can make your booth seem more welcoming is to actually act more welcoming. Smile at people, make eye contact, greet them, and if you can, start a conversation. This makes you seem more friendly, but it also engages the social contract. People will feel they should stop and talk, and that gives you a chance to draw them in deeper. It requires some finesse to hook someone, but if you have a practiced technique and an open, inviting booth design you’ll never want for a crowd.

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